What is agileFit ?

agileFit - ​ it's an initiative that helps Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches who want to maintain the fitness of their knowledge and work techniques, through the practice of their competencies, overcoming weaknesses, and consistently striving for their goal.

FIT is an acronym for elements that are important to us:


 ​The only thing that is certain in the world is constant change. The ability to adapt flexibly to changing conditions is the key to success.


 ​Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day by day. Thanks to cyclicality, we can confidently verify our progress and adapt to conditions.


Credibility is our motto. What we do, we do with and for people, so the belief that we will succeed together builds trust.

​Why is it worth practicing with us ?

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​​Practice your Scrum Master and Agile Coach skills on the stage of the only one Improwizatorium theater! Learn with others a practical approach to the challenges faced by agile teams, face problems head-on and solve them.

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​It's an online workshop connecting dispersed teams, giving an opportunity to learn Scrum, integrate and have fun with your team. 
Players will plan their work together with the Product Owner, experience self-organization. After all they can enjoy the realization of the required buildings. 
The workshop scenario allows participants to understand Scrum and discover mechanisms that increase the effectiveness of teams.

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Opinions of workshop participants

​We create workshops with you and for you. We are so happy to be trusted:

​Have you heard about #Mine4Scrum workshops
​I had the opportunity to participate in them today!
😁 what a fun was that !!! 🎉
It was a fantastic way to:
👉 team integraation,
👉 team-building,
👉 show why Scrum is valueable,
👉 ​
and why it is worth taking care of communication both in the team and with the client. 
​Excellent idea for a simulation game, and the organization of the meeting - as always, perfect 🤩

Magdal​ena Gałaj | scrum master  motorola

​​I took part in many workshops devoted to the subject of agility, but Mine 4 Scrum was beyond my expectations. An unconventional approach, an interesting tool and, most importantly - professional trainers. And all of this, with a solid dose of reliable practical knowledge. Mariusz, Marcin - thank you for creating another phenomenal initiative in which I could take part. You are my inspiration!

Julia Korczak | agile Coach W pzu

​​ I don’t remember how I run into Improwizatorium. I think it was twist of fate or destiny  The form of meetings is very interesting and allows Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Developers to get into the role, get to know a different perspective, have some acting fun. There is a lot of laughter as well as learning and observating your own reactions. The leaders make sure that the meetings are always interesting and helpful for both beginners and advanced on their agile career. I recommend to participate! 

Magdalena FAR | ScRUM MASTER


Do you have any questions or doubts? Feel free to contact us. 

Marcin Kępka & Mariusz Baranowski

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